Tuesday 22nd April 2014, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

At Holyrood magazine’s annual Big Data conference we ask:

What is the tangible value of big data?
How can data analytics help drive business improvement?
Where can the public sector work collaboratively to maximise benefits?

There is huge potential for big data to catalyse improvement in Scotland’s public sector: data analytics can be used as a driver of efficiency, innovation and economic opportunity, and the appetite to harness this potential is growing. Substantial investment has been made to support the progression of data science and exploit the opportunities it holds, but within many organisations there remains a degree of uncertainty on how big data can be used to promote tangible improvement.

This conference will explore the potential of data analytics within Scotland’s public sector, assessing where the business value in big data lies and how this can be utilised within an organisation. The programme will explore the benefits of big data, using case studies to illustrate how analytics are being used to inform business intelligence and drive improvement in practice.

Speakers include

Professor Paul Boyle
Chief Executive, ESRC, International Champion, RCUK and President of Science Europe

Mark Dearnley
Chief Digital and Information Officer, HMRC

Murdoch Carberry
Renfrewshire Council Head of Reform and Change Management; Chair of the Information Sharing Board

Dr John Colin Adams
Director of Informatics Ventures and Director of Commercialisation at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Dr Claudia Pagliari
Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and Health Informatics, The University of Edinburgh


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